Login Page Styler Pro


Looking for a Premium look for your WordPress Login page?
By using the Login Page Styler plugin, you can simply change the default WordPress login page styles, Logo, background image, and field labels according to your interest.

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MOST_WANTED Login Page Styler is a plugin that can be used to customize your WordPress login page.

It can be easily activated and configured, Tested for WordPress 5 and upper versions.

Login Page Styler comes with the following features

    • Can change the Logo Image.
    • Can change the text label of the field.
    • Default styling for the login form.
    • Can change the page background with an image or/and color.
    • Can change the form location.
    • Can change the form background color.
    • Can change the label color of the fields.
    • Can change the background/font color of the button.
    • Add additional custom CSS.


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